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Breathe, Sparkle, & Shine

1/26/19 Aranyani Yoga

Does your practice brighten or dim your Spirit? Come brighten up and sparkle with me! Forrest Yoga teaches you to focus your intent on connecting to your heart, and your Spirit. How? By choosing, in the moment, to breathe in a way that brightens you; to practice in a way that invites your Spirit to sparkle into all of your body. Let's sparkle up together, shall we?! $30


Unleash the Magic of Your Heart

2/9/2019 Aranyani Yoga

Learn the magic of heart-opening asanas. Work with freeing up your chest, upper back, neck and shoulders in this exhilarating Forrest Yoga backbending sequence! Learn how to breathe in fresh aliveness to your Heart. This workshop will focus on opening your heart , and unsticking the blocks to joy and delight, with a little flare! $30


What is Forrest Yoga?

"If you want to use yoga to heal emotional pain, you must find out where it resides in your body and learn to take your breath there. I don't teach yoga to help people to transcend. I want people's Spirits to reside in their body. I literally want to help people embody their Spirit, not go through life fragmented."

-Ana Forrest


Private Yoga Sessions

I am thrilled to offer private yoga sessions to individuals wanting to go deeper in their yoga practice, as well as people who are new to yoga. Private Yoga Sessions with me are an exciting way to customize your yoga journey.

Taught in your home, at your convenience, private sessions offer you my full attention and expertise to guide you through customized sequences to meet your needs and goals. Go Deeper in your practice. Move stuck energy. Learn to customize yoga poses to help heal your specific body.

Private sessions with me focus on where you are on your yoga and healing path.  Forrest Yoga works with the body in healing the physical, mental, and emotional trauma that may be trapped.  Private yoga sessions will be created based on where you are now in your practice and where you want to go.

yoga teacher mentoring sessions available for teachers looking to grow and expand their class.

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