Holly is awesome! Have been taking her beginning Vinyassa classes, but tried her forest yoga class for the first time today and I’m in Love! She’s such a great instructor and really talks you through the moves and adds her own upbeat funny personality to it! Thank you so much!
— Sarah S.

Holly is an amazing yoga instructor, a true practitioner of Forrest yoga. Her love and desire to share her knowledge and experiences is apparent from the very first time you meet her. The classes she leads are challenging and healing, held in a safe and open atmosphere, where you will laugh and maybe shed a therapeutic tear.

Without hesitation, I would recommend attending any of Holly’s classes and or workshops.
— Allen B.

Holly is a like tidal wave in the sea of yoga teacher sameness. She’s soul soothing in a total rock ‘n’ roll way. Like drinking whiskey at a really cool church. Super smart sequencing, fun + deep workshops, and confident (which is rare) hands-on touch when you need it.
— Anne F.

Holly has revolutionized the experience of yoga for me. Yoga is no longer a series of postures or “exercise”, but a practice of coming home. Holly has taught me how to breathe, how to stay with discomfort, and how to not take myself so seriously. She has helped me reclaim my body and access my internal wisdom and knowing. I have found both a physical and an emotional strength that I didn’t know that I had. Practicing with her has been a life-changing gift, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to find a deeper connection within themselves.
— Jessica M.

Holly makes yoga so much fun. I sometimes think she can look into my soul and knows exactly what I need that day. I always leave her class feeling so much better. I like her unconventional style to teach but at the same time concentrating on what is important. I wish I had the time to do a practice with Holly every single day, my life would be so much better.
— Petra Z.

Holly teaches from the heart. She gives you everything she has and then some to ensure that she can hold a healing space for you to grow. Yoga is not a hobby for her. It’s a calling. It’s her life and she just truly cares. I have never had a yoga teacher take the time to get to know me in such an depth way.

I had practiced yoga for over 15 years before I finally found Holly. After multiple shoulder injuries and fears of going upside down, I held myself back in my practice for years. She patiently taught me how to use my body correctly while building strength and courage. I can now rock balances just as well as the next yogi and I know I won’t hurt myself doing it.

I am just so grateful that she is here doing what she does. You need to check out her classes. She will change yoga for you, forever.
— Jenn B.

Yoga for everyone. I even take my 13 yr old daughter. Holly makes you feel good about yourself and emphasizes the most important thing about yoga is the journey.
— Genia E.

She makes yoga inviting to anyone who enters her studio. Regardless of how your life is going, showing up, as you are, is always enough! Thanks Holly
— Pharoah G.
Exceptional teaching, fantastic classes, and an incredible way to interact with your innate strength. I don’t think any other teachers in this city put as much energy and emotion into sequencing as Holly does. The passion and care taken puts her in a category all of her own - and you definitely see it when in class with her.
— Daniel Mollenkamp
amazing! speaks to your heart, makes you feel strong, powerful and loved all while taking you on a yoga journey to yourself!!!!
— Amy DiGiulio
I could tell you all manner of cliche things about how inspiring a yoga teacher Holly is, but nothing about Holly is cliche. Holly breaks through the stereotypes of yoga and challenges you to do the same. She can push you further than you thought you physically can go, with the most effective, intuitive, and caring assists.

She will push you to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and embrace all that you are. All while she walks alongside you, holding space. She is unapologetic about who she is, inspires, empowers, and encourages you to do the same with your own badass self.

I have been truly honored to call Holly not only teacher, but friend.
— Kristen Mack
My first time on the mat with Holly Horter was in July of 2017. I remember being nervous as fuck because I had no idea what I was walking into. The class challenged me and was tough. I remember walking away with the thought of what that fuck was I thinking. I thought about never going back to one of her classes again, but the more that I reflected on it the more that I realized that I needed to continue my practice with Holly as an instructor.

I was not sure at the time why I needed to, but I just knew that I needed to continue practicing with her, challenge myself and not do the easy thing and run away. I continued going to her classes and workshops, challenging and pushing myself, then when I wanted to run away again turning around and embracing what was to come.

After practicing for a while I knew that practicing with Holly Horter Yoga was exactly what I needed in my life. Over time I saw improvement in many ways. Whether it was flexibility, strength, just focusing on my breath and so many other things. I saw these working their way into my day to day life.

I reached the point where I realized that I needed the next step to deepen and improve my practice. I decided that the best way to do that was to take a private session with Holly.

This was an excellent step to take my practice to the next level. Holly was able to pay attention to exactly what I was doing, provide me instructions on what I could do to improve in postures, and brought my attention to things that I did not realize I was doing. Little did I know that one of my bad habits was to not let my breath all the way out when I was struggling in a posture.

Here I am a little over a year after my first class with Holly. I’ve gained so much mental, emotional, and spiritual strength. My confidence in myself has grown. I’m so thankful that I found Holly and started practicing with her.

— Ben Mitton
Holly has been my yoga teacher for a little over a year now and I’m still blown away by her enthusiasm and passion for teaching...and that playfully contagious laugh! I attend as many of Holly’s classes and workshops as I can (at least 3 a week), and while the Forrest foundation is a part of every class, her thoughtful lesson plans are so diverse you never know what to expect. Holly always has me looking forward to what she has in store for us next!

Holly welcomes her students like they are family, bringing together genuinely good people that support and care for one another. It warms my heart and nourishes my soul to be a part of this tribe.
— Kirk Sonthanaporn
Holly is such a wonderful yoga instructor. Her passion for yoga, and her love of teaching shine in every class she instructs. Her classes are open, honest, and accepting everyone, no matter where they are in their yoga journey. She truly epitomizes what a yoga teacher should be. Her sequences are well thought out, and she encourages students to safely push their boundaries, to tackle their fears, and to reclaim their own space. Her classes will leave you feeling like an absolute badass, who is loved and supported, who is exactly where they need to be right now. I can not recommend Holly highly enough for anyone who is looking to further their practice, start their own yoga journey, heal emotional wounds, or just get a legitimately kickass workout in.
— Alice Coles
Before I walked into Holly’s beginner class I thought yoga was for perfect people with perfect bodies. She taught me that yoga is for everyone, regardless of shape or size. It’s the first real physical activity that I’ve done in my life that I’ve stuck with - due in large part to the way that she teaches. Fantastic!

Within a month of taking my first class with her, I was able to bend down to tie my shoes - something that I had not done in years. I actually laughed out loud when I did it.
— Keith Varney
I have been doing yoga for almost 20 years. I use that number because I want to provide emphasis on the length of time I’ve been doing this thing.

As most you know Forrest yoga saved my shoulders and saved me from my dancer mind of having to be “perfect” and “look like the teacher”. Forrest yoga taught me how to strongly go upside down without any fear.

Now I’ve taken another step and had my first private with Holly. As her self proclaimed manager, I can not empathize how much you need to do this. I learned more in 1 hour about my own body then I have ever learned in a group class.

Holly supports you the entire way, adjusts you, nurtures you, and empowers you. I am so incredibly honored to have her as my teacher, to call her my friend, and just so grateful to have this person in my life. <3

If you’ve never done Forrest yoga...Yes. Her class is booked 2 weeks out. It is because IT IS THAT GOOD. Plan your schedule, get in the class, check it out, or get a private. You wont regret the choice or investment.
— Jen B